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Our role

  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Virtual Reality
  • Direct Marketing
  • Social
  • Advertising

Our impact

  • 42,224 visitors
  • 2:12 av. time on page
  • 307% more brand engagement
  • 449 VR experiences
  • 12% Direct Mailer Conversions

We needed awareness. To stand out. To be noticed. And to be innovative.

VR was the clear choice. At the cutting edge of technology and something which is still a new experience, it worked perfectly for the aims of this campaign.

Phase 1. We needed a way to show our VR experience in all its glory. So we designed and produced branded VR Goggles. Sending these to Aspect’s key customers and C-Level prospects to get their attention, in hand written envelopes, with personalised letters for each.

Phase 2. We had the targeted side nailed. Now we needed to extend our brand awareness amongst our target verticals. Enter Social, PPC and Paid advertising. All tailored per vertical, with relevant messaging. Reaching people which we previously wouldn’t have, whilst maximising budget. It’s a win-win.

This isn’t your fixed end campaign. This one is ongoing. With monthly enhancements and refreshes, creating fresh content and exciting our audience. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.